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IMG_1143Mark Olsen 2012

Mark Olson lived in Hawaii for nearly 30 years where he served at New Hope Diamond Head Church for 6 years and as executive pastor for 16 months prior to moving to Haiti.  He traveled to Haiti on short missions trips in June, July and November of 2010 after the earthquake there in January that year and felt God calling him to full time service in Haiti.

Mark moved to Haiti at the end of December 2010 where he served as Team Coordinator for Foursquare Haiti for 18 months, coordinating missionary team schedules and various building projects throughout Haiti.  Since then Mark has served in various ministries in Haiti, working on projects in Mawouj, Jeremie and most recently in Mirebalais.

Nancy Krieg, BLA,  Company Director Whitepine Consulting Ltd

Nancy is a landscape architect with a difference. She doesn’t work with plants. Developing environments and experiences appropriate to the end user and the site is her paramount focus. Having worked as a masterplanner for over thirty years provides Nancy the confidence and inspiration for ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking in instigating ideas that are imaginative, yet feasible.

She has lived and worked in both Europe and North America as a master planner and concept development director, gaining insight whilst working within varied cultural and environmental parameters that give her the ability to respond with many refreshing alternatives that are the most appropriate to the site, the client and the end user.

She has been a major participant in projects located in Asia, Middle East, Far East, Europe and North America involving: new town planning, housing and subdivision site design, urban design, tourism destinations, resort development, national and provincial parks, downtown rehabilitation, historical restoration, land management and water resource management planning.

Nancy is company director of her own firm, Whitepine Consulting Limited and continues to work from her studio on Salt Spring Island. Her most recent projects include the development of a new vision and concept for an island village for 4,000 in Canada; and as a member of a concept team developing neighbourhood and village concepts to improve family quality of life for a new town of 40.000 Verano, Texas. She has been a team member of International Villages of Hope, Haiti since its inception last year and has been actively involved in assisting John and his team in moving this project forward.

Nancy Krieg



“Jackson”  Chief Media Designer, filmmaker, owner iMaginosity Media Design

Jackson has worn all the hats in his closet when it comes to being a multimedia designer.  As a high school photographer, he talked his way onto a Hollywood movie that was being filmed in his hometown of Penticton, British Columbia. What he saw, fired his imagination and was the beginning of his lifelong career in the film arts. He moved from still photography to motion film to digital videography, and in 1993 opened his own production company to facilitate the making of his own projects that had be back shelved for years.  When he saw an AVID digital editing workstation, he mortgaged the house and dove head first into post production, pulling his side interests of music creation and graphic art into the mix.  

Several production companies later, he has weathered the many changes his industry has seen and continues to grow and adapt with a seemingly endless technological roller coaster ride that is media production today.

When asked to spruce up some footage taken by John Edmondson for his Villages of Hope: Haiti project, he delivered a full featured Hi Def short film for them, and has been their chief media designer on all fronts including their website, ever since.  Jackson says, after a long career of making media that usually has a limited shelf life, it’s great to being working on a project that will grow and evolve and most importantly, help illuminate a problem in this world we live in, and just maybe make a real difference in someone’s life.



Dr Anne Toth is a clinical social worker who operates a private practice in Toronto, Ontario Canada offering a wide range of services to individuals, couples, families and groups in English, French and American Sign Language.

With over 30 years experience in the field, she provides consultation, assessment, counselling and psychotherapy for those affected by trauma, abuse, bereavement, adoption,substance abuse, addiction, interpersonal and work related issues. She holds degrees at both the Bachelor and Masters level of Social Work and has earned certificates in French and an Honors Bachelor degree in the specialization of American Sign Language and Deafness. Committed to excellence, she has achieved the degree of Doctor of Education and continues to contribute to the field through her private practice and her work as an Applied Dissertation Chair to doctoral students and guest lecturer.  A strong proponent of life-long learning, Dr. Toth presents her work at provincial, national, and international conferences.

Dr. Toth is registered by the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, is a member of the Association of Private Practitioners in Adoption, the Canadian Centre on Disability Studies, the Council for Exceptional Children, the Canadian Society for Mental Health and Deafness, and the Canadian Coalition on Seniors’ Mental Health. In support of her volunteer activities, Anne Toth is a member of the Canadian Mental Health Association, the Canadian Association of the Deaf, the Canadian Hearing Society, the Organization for Literacy in Lambton, and the Ontario Cultural Society of the Deaf. She is an associate member of the Ontario Association of Sign Language Interpreters, and a supporting member of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.


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