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In times of disaster, everyone deserves the right to shelter…

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Disaster Stikes

1Following the devastating Earthquake in Haiti, we worked tirelessly to get food, water and supplies into Port-au-Prince via the Dominican Republic. We were among the first to make a difference in the largest natural disaster seen in the Western Hemisphere which displaced over 1.5 million people

The Need is there

2Recently, we were asked by key relief agency operators to apply the same skills, abilities and relationships previously exhibited throughout the world to provide quick, durable and inexpensive housing to disaster stricken Communities. The Villages of Hope, Haiti Project, was an outgrowth of that request.

The First Goal

3The aim is to provide permanent Haitian Communities capable of providing transitional housing, medical facilities, schools, commercial buildings, hospitals and medical clinics, commercial facilities, retail stores, and factories

Then, who are We?

4 Casa Humana, is a group of diversely skilled business people who saw a need for housing, accommodations and real-world solutions in disaster stricken areas throughout the world. Casa Humana is structured operationally to respond quickly to execute the design, order and delivery of transitional and permanent housing, products and services

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