Company Founders

John Edmondson

John Edmondson is the founder and President of Pure Compassion Ministries (PCM). Pure Compassion Ministries was formed 6 years ago to supply relief aid to people in need around the world. PCM has supplied containers of food, water and medical supplies to Zimbabwe, and water and food to the Philippines, Peru, Guatemala, Malawi, Sudan, Mozambique and most recently, Chile and Haiti. John has worked in sourcing, defining, researching and developing business ventures for 35 years. Projects have ranged in size from $25,000 to $100,000,000. For the last two years John has been the primary leader and visionary on the Villages of Hope Project . He has lead the team from inception to its current stage.

Jack Moellendick Jack Mollendick is currently the President and CEO of the OCTOGON Group which is currently developing low cost houses for use in disaster areas. Jack was Senior Vice President at Louis Dreyfus Corp. where he helped orchestrate a commodity plastics joint venture with GE Plastics and build a $125 million distribution business. Jack holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Cincinnati and Key Executive Program MBA from Harvard Business School. He is named as co-inventor on the OCTOGON Building System.
Colin Wiebe Colin Wiebe is an acclaimed creative director and strategic marketing expert. Colin has designed marketing and ad campaigns for hundreds of clients. Colin gained his experience as the Creative Director of Advertising for Vancouver’s two major daily newspapers, The Vancouver Sun and The Province. He founded in 1997 and went on to work with many companies taking one start-up from $0 revenue to $6 million in sales in less than 12 months. Colin is an expert in online marketing, social media, copywriting, branding and graphic design and heads his own company, Fast Creative Inc..
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