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Our First Video Selection, ‘Heaven will be Heaven again’ features one of Casa Humana’s own, Colin Weibe, formerly of the Randy Bachman band, who is also the creative director for Casa Humana. This song was written and performed by Colin and filmed in and around Port-Au-Prince Haiti in the summer of 2012.

The second selection, ‘Villages of Hope, Haiti 2012’ is an overview video of how the project came to be and clearly paints the picture for the immediate goals while showcasing the scenery and wonderful people around Mirebalais Haiti.

This is an episode of “On Begley Street” shot on our Partner GigaCrete’s premises. You can learn more about the show at ‘On Begley Street

Ed Begley Jr. has been considered an environmental leader in the Hollywood community for many years. He serves on the boards of Green Wish, the Coalition For Clean Air, The Thoreau Institute and the advisory board of the Union Of Concerned Scientists, and is active with many other organizations.

Mission Statement

In times of disaster, everyone deserves the right to shelter…

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Disaster Stikes

1Following the devastating Earthquake in Haiti, we worked tirelessly to get food, water and supplies into Port-au-Prince via the Dominican Republic. We were among the first to make a difference in the largest natural disaster seen in the Western Hemisphere which displaced over 1.5 million people

The Need is there

2Recently, we were asked by key relief agency operators to apply the same skills, abilities and relationships previously exhibited throughout the world to provide quick, durable and inexpensive housing to disaster stricken Communities. The Villages of Hope, Haiti Project, was an outgrowth of that request.

The First Goal

3The aim is to provide permanent Haitian Communities capable of providing transitional housing, medical facilities, schools, commercial buildings, hospitals and medical clinics, commercial facilities, retail stores, and factories

Then, who are We?

4 Casa Humana, is a group of diversely skilled business people who saw a need for housing, accommodations and real-world solutions in disaster stricken areas throughout the world. Casa Humana is structured operationally to respond quickly to execute the design, order and delivery of transitional and permanent housing, products and services

Progress Highlights

More Progress Posts

The Foundation Begins

thewall_beginsAfter the earthquake in 2010 John Edmondson concentrated his disaster relief work in Haiti. He worked extensively with NGO’s, churches and other organizations to provide water-purifying packets, emergency medical supplies and pre-packaged emergency food packets mere days after the quake. Pretty soon John and his partners from Canada and the United States began working on an innovative new building system to solve the problem of the hundreds of thousands of people that had been displaced and were now living in Tent Cities… Read more

Heaven Will Be Heaven Again

For three years prior to the devastating HMayor_and_teamaiti earthquake on Jan 12th 2010 John Edmondson , a businessman from Canada, had worked providing first response relief supplies to third world countries facing disaster or crisis. After Jan 12th his focus became re-building Haiti and a vision for a self-sustained co-operative village. I joined John on his second trip to Haiti in his search for a possible location for this site and  to document visually our adventure  (still photography, video and interviews)… Read more


‘No person can do everything, but everyone, can do something…’

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